Wednesday night we learned who the Cowboys opponents will be for the upcoming season. Now what other team that won only six games the previous season gets to play opening night against the defending Super Bowl champs? Answer, none!




Love them or hate them, the Cowboys are the straw that stirs the drink. Full disclosure, I’m a huge Dallas fan and will in no way try to hide it. Back to the first game against Brady and the Bucs, it is going to be talked about by all the networks especially a certain guy on E.S.P.N. like it’s the biggest game ever. I don’t see Dallas winning and I hope I’m wrong. But the main thing is to get better every week. Dak will have some rust and defense will be coming together and getting to know each other. They need to win the games they are favored to win and win a couple here and there they not picked to.

Washington beat the Boys twice last season and they had not done that in a while. We watched Washington give the Bucs all they could handle in the playoffs. Their defense is top notch. And YIKES! Dallas has to play them twice in December. Overall, Dallas’ schedule is ranked second easiest with Philly having the easiest. But don’t get to cocky kid, this league changes year to year and being bad last season doesn’t mean it will happen again. And hopefully not because Dallas was BAD last season.

The draft is behind us and now and the schedule release is done which means we are getting closer and closer to the season. Thanks to everyone who emailed me last week. I had some very interesting conversations with my fellow Cowboys fans as well as Dallas haters. 

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