We asked for defense and boy did we get it! Eight out of eleven picks were all on the D side of the ball. We have already talked about the first-round pick last week so let’s go over the rest of the draft.




In the second round Dallas drafted Kelvin Joseph (CB) out of Kentucky. A lot of the experts are calling that a reach and had him projected into the fourth round, but the more I look at him I’m thinking he may be worth it. At 6’1 he is tall and can go toe to toe with bigger receivers as well as tight ends.

One concern the other teams had with him is his Rap music. He is also known as “Bossman Fat”. Me personally, it just shows he looks to keep himself sharp with creativity. They also drafted another CB, Nahshon Wright. Hopefully, these guys can contribute this upcoming season. The other picks were LB as well as some D line help. Competition is good and the coaches have been talking about that. In the past under Garret, it seemed all starters jobs were guaranteed regardless of play on the field.

Now keeping up a Jerry Jones tradition, the drafted a player in Josh Ball (OT) with a very sketchy past he is accused of over eleven incidents of violence by his ex-girlfriend. I am all for second chances but come on, not eleven. Just praying this young man has made some changes in his life for him and others. Only time will tell just how good or bad this year’s draft will be. Before you know it, Dallas will be in training camp getting ready for the season. It’s time for a fresh start. No excuses.  Let’s make this a community please email me @ thebooth2000@gmail.com with any topics you would like to go over or just start a conversation. 

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