At the end of last season, I think we all just wanted it to be over after another 8/8 season.

Story By A. Govea


Dak, Cowboys at Redskins 9/18/16; Date18 September 2016, AuthorKeith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA

Dak, Cowboys at Redskins 9/18/16;

Date18 September 2016,

AuthorKeith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA

In fact, by the end of the season, even some the most die-hard Cowboy fans wanted the Boys to lose for two reasons. Number 1, we would finally say goodbye Jason Garrett and, as a bonus, maybe wind up with a shiny high new draft choice. And as it turned out, Ditto for both, plus we got a new head coach with some real skins on the wall, El Mike McCarthy, former Packer coach and slayer of Pittsburgh in the 2010 Super Bowl. And to boot, he did it at A&TT Stadium Aqui (here) in Arlington. Right about the time, we all started thinking, “Okay now this time it’s for real, not just the J.J. BS” Corona shows up and, as we all learned, not the good kind. I will not expand on that other than to say that nothing is normal now. The Cowboys new season seemed like it was not to be, and honestly, it was not a big concern for me and a large part of the fandom. Pero then the NBA created the bubble, and other sports leagues also followed their lead in one way or another. And except for a few canceled games in the MLB and soccer leagues, it has worked.

So, as I write this, the Cowboys are preparing to take on the Rams, which last season went 9/7, one win better than the Boys at an ugly 8/8. However, this year, which has been like no other in so many ways, the anthem’ pre-game ritual may get more eyes on it than the game. Of course, that is due to all the BLM protests that led to an NBA playoff game being canceled. That was not expected, and to say unprecedented, almost like an understatement. In the past, Jerry Jones has said that he expected his players to have their toes on the line and fully standing. Which drew praise from Trump but know it appears J.J. has changed his stand on this and has said paraphrasing, “…It is a time to extend grace” What does that mean exactly? I guess we will have to tune in Sunday night to find out. As for the game, we have DAK playing on the franchise tag for a measly 31 million since the Cowboys could not reach an agreement with him. I think he will be okay for at least this season with that, especially since he has a receiving corps that has to rank among the best in the NFL with Cooper, Gallup, and the first-round pick Cee Dee Lamb. Zeke is now in his 5th season and says he is rearing to go; the line has changed slightly, but I do not see any drop-off. On I.R. to start the season is Sean Lee, which may be the end for him, R.T. La’el Collins.

New faces on defense where the Cowboys had the most significant turnover Everett, Griffin, Smith, and others. Special teams have been a problem but now has new coach John Fassel along with new punter Chris Jones and kicker Greg Zuerlein; they must be better than what we had. I honestly feel that we have the players and now a COACH that can lead them. We should all be more excited about this season as we have in years. Pero, as Pee-Wee Herman said in Pee Wees Big Adventure, “All my friends have big buts” COVID-19 is still out there, and reportable winter will bring a big spike. All teams this season have two opponents; they must contend with one the field and another invisible and can be anywhere. Which team will survive this season and make it to the finish line? Who knows, pero Ill’ be watching and hope you will too? Stay Safe; you might be called up.

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