A win is a win, right? Well, it’s better than another loss. The thing is they played the same way they have played over the last few games.

2021 Dallas Cowboys Schedule

Wednesday night we learned who the Cowboys opponents will be for the upcoming season. Now what other team that won only six games the previous season gets to play opening night against the defending Super Bowl champs? Answer, none!

And the Cowboys Number One Pick Is?

Last week I was preaching defense, and Dallas did just that. It did not go as planned. They traded the 10th pick with the Eagles, of all teams, to drop to the twelfth. This was due to Denver taking Patrick Surtain II right before us at ten.

The Great Lubbock Chicano Barrios Super bowl!

It all started in Mrs. Hagood’s Government class at Lubbock High! This would have been in the winter of 1966 or 67! Mando Yanez, El Changio (Bobby Aguilar-RIP), El Lupio (Lupe Urive), Mickey, and yours truly Mike Torres, started talking football! Pretty soon the bragging started about which barrio was better at football; El Barrio Guadalupe or the Hub Homes vatos!

Friday Nights Marathon

If you are a Texas High Schooler in the Fall the prospect of Friday Night Lights Football games is a given.

Cowboys-Rams Y Corona

At the end of last season, I think we all just wanted it to be over after another 8/8 season.

Tom Flores Part Two

So, to quote the late Al Davis: “Just win, Baby.” Davis was once quoted as saying that Tom “is not just a great coach in the league,” but that Tom “is among the greatest ever.” We all hope that the NFL finally recognizes that as well and he enters in Class of 2021 with the […]

Cowboys Win! -Eagles Fall-Garret Exhales

Last week I ended my article by writing how I really wanted the Cowboys to beat the Eagles. Pero, many including myself also hoped that if they (Cowboys) couldn’t win – we hoped they (Cowboys) get blown out. The idea was that would then finally push Jerry to fire Garret.

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