A win is a win, right? Well, it’s better than another loss. The thing is they played the same way they have played over the last few games. Outside of Tony Pollards big fifty plus yard run to just about put the game away over the hapless Saints, the ground game was nonexistent.

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This can’t continue if Dallas expects to do anything in the postseason. Kellen Moore is simply pass happy and if things look stagnant and familiar don’t forgot he is a Jason Garret and Scott Linehan guy, remember those two ham & eggers? That’s right, it looks like the boy genius and the next “big young coach” is leading them down that same old path to mediocrity. Now, there is still plenty of time to get this corrected. I am a Dak fan and a defender, but I must be honest and say he is playing like garbage right now. Not sure what’s wrong with him; he doesn’t look injured anymore, but I got to believe with better pass protection and more commitment to the running game, he will turn it around. The other side of the ball got defensive end Demarcus Lawrence back from injury and he made his presence felt with lots of QB pressure and run stopping.

The rest of the defense was solid and won this game for Dallas. Now, if the Saints had a halfway decent QB I believe they would have easily won, and not because our defense is bad it is because the offense can’t really score touchdowns right now. Trevon Diggs had another INT; that is nine if you’re keeping count. Brown had a bounce back game after that disastrous Thanksgiving melt down. The special teams had a good game making all their field goal attempts and extra points and as far as punting, Hunter Niswander had an excellent game to go with his solid season so far. Don’t think I forgot about Micah Parsons; I can’t even put it in words. He is leaving fans speechless.

Every week he does something different, like breaking up a pass in the red zone that led to an interception. Or how bout rushing the passer then turning back up field to make a tackle twenty yards down field. We could be looking at a generational player in this young man and if he stays healthy, there is no limit on what he can accomplish. As a fan it’s hard not to start losing faith in this team considering what we witnessed in November. Next week is a big road game in Washington, and they have started to get it together; even beating Tom Brady’s Bucs a few weeks ago. It’s shaping up to be an old N.F.C. East dogfight. I don’t want to say it’s a must win, but who am I kidding it is a must win! 

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