Last week I ended my article by writing how I really wanted the Cowboys to beat the Eagles. Pero, many including myself also hoped that if they (Cowboys) couldn’t win – we hoped they (Cowboys) get blown out. The idea was that would then finally push Jerry to fire Garret.



“As for Garret, he had a smile from ear to ear after the game”…

Well, as we know Sunday Night was a blowout. But it was the ‘Boys’ blowing out the hated Eagles, which had the bonus of the Eagles coach Doug Pederson eating crow. That after his pre-game prediction of a win against their NFC rivals. As for Garret, he had a smile from ear to ear after the game and who can blame him – his A** was on the line. Luckily for him both the offense and defense decided to wake up for this game. The defense came up big with four turnovers in this game. That started the trouble for what appeared to be senseless Eagles team at times. And the offense turned three of those turnovers into touchdowns. Dak looked like he looked against the first three opponents this season, slinging it around to everybody but the linemen. His numbers were not that impressive – 21 for 27 239 yards, 2 TDS with 1 interception (a dumb one in the end zone). However, this all led him to get a 100% Q.B. rating- which says this was a great outing. Zeke also gained 111 yards on 22 carries which continues his success against the Eagles. As I wrote above, Dak distributed the ball well among his receivers – with Cooper leading the way with 106 yards. This was by far the best overall team effort of the season, which have many looking for a seat back on the bandwagon.

However, the national talking heads are saying, … “Yea Dak had a great outing, pero it appears he can’t do that if he is missing anyone”. While on the surface that may ring true but I kind of think it may be deeper than that. In fact, I believe with no real proof to back it up, it has to do with Offensive coordinator Kellen Moore. Last time Tony Romo called the Cowboy game he stated the offense looked like the old Garret offense. And if you remember Kellen Moore was hailed as the new boy genius, before the three-game skid. So, it leads me to believe that maybe Garret toke the steering wheel for a while and now Moore is back at the wheel. Quien Sabe (Who knows). Pero, we may find out as the rest of the season unfolds. Believe me I want to believe but I know 4/3 could also easily lead to 8/8 and I don’t think any of us wants to see that rerun again. This is a Bye Week, next up the Giants on Monday night November 4th. At least till then Garret can breathe easy.

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