Last week I was preaching defense, and Dallas did just that. It did not go as planned. They traded the 10th pick with the Eagles, of all teams, to drop to the twelfth. This was due to Denver taking Patrick Surtain II right before us at ten. 

By Paul Torrez



 Honestly, that was a major let down. My stepson, Bryan, was already talking about a Surtain jersey.  After yelling and cursing Denver and Jerry Jones for good measure, we sat down and waited for our turn. And when they announced linebacker from Penn State Micah Parsons, WOOHOO! We were back on the bandwagon! This young man can flat out play and can do almost everything out there. One concern I have is Penn did not use him in coverage very much and Dallas desperately needs help in that area. But he is so good at everything else and with his athleticism I’m sure given the chance he will be more than capable.

As I stated before, Dallas traded with the Eagles so now, we have two third round picks and I am praying we hit on some gems to start on defense. The next couple of days are going to be every bit as important as the first round. But today is all about the first round and Micah Parsons. I cannot help but think its pretty cool that the week Sean Lee, a linebacker from Penn State retired, we get another LB from Penn. We all really wanted Surtain but like the song goes “You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometimes, well, you might find you get what you need”. Next week we will go over the next few rounds. Until then, enjoy the draft with family and friends. I know I am. 

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