The start of summer has already been hot, with temperatures getting into the high 90s and extreme weather like thunderstorms, hail, and tornados. The worst storm hit Valley View on Interstate 35 in Cooke County, about 17 miles north of Denton and about 50 miles north of Fort Worth. There were seven victims; four of those victims were children, including two siblings, ages 2 and 10. The deadly tornado tore through heavily populated areas, leaving Homes, trailers, and businesses badly damaged during the storm. Cities like Denton also had some tornados, but no deaths were reported. Over 100 injuries were reported in the aftermath of the storm.  

Tornado Rips

Governor Gregg Abbot has added Collin, Denton, Cooke and Montague counties to the state’s existing disaster declaration. There are now 106 of Texas’s 254 counties listed on that declaration. If you have experienced damage to the storm, we urge you to report it by following this link 

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families.

Tornado Rips
Photos By Nisie and Property of Hola Texas.

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