So, you’re a Catholic and you walk into the church on one Sunday. It has been a long time since you’ve gone to church but you are yearning to get back to church and God because your spirit knows you need it. You walk in hoping that this time you would get something out of it, not be bored and come out feeling good kind of like after a concert or show.  

By Joe M. Govea


Joe M. Govea

Joe M. Govea

Let me tell you how you can get that good feeling from going to Mass each Sunday. First of all the more you participate during Mass the more you are going to feel good about attending it. You are going to have to put something in, to get something out. You do this by taking part in what is going on. You have to sing and pray along with everybody when the singing and praying is being done. Mass is like one big long prayer which includes singing. So sing when you are supposed to sing. It will make you feel good.  
If you haven’t been to Confession in a while you should go. After you are forgiven for your sins your Soul will be rejoicing. You can then take part in Holy Communion which is what the celebration of the Mass is all about.  
What a great procedure Jesus gave for being saved. First you go to confession and are forgiven for your sins, and then you go to Communion. Well when you do this you are going to feel good and isn’t that what you were wanting?
The more you get into the cycle of going to confession and then Communion you will continue to feel good. You are going to stop committing those sins and not make the same mistakes again, thus becoming a better person. 
You will then be in a continuous state of Grace. How does that feel? Well find the song “Amazing Grace” and read the words with the biblical definition of Grace in your mind.  
To add pleasures to everyday life guess what! When people recognize and see how happy and content you are they will be friendlier to you and you to them as well. 
So that is how you get the good feeling you were looking for when going to Church.
Christ told us what to do during Mass. He showed us the way to be saved. He gave us a way to be happy by being close to God while here on earth. If you partake of the Eucharist, the Body of Christ, and take part in what is going on during the celebration of the Mass your Soul will be cleansed and in position to enjoy everlasting life. 
Your happiness in the Catholic Church is obtained by knowing and truly practicing your Catholic religion and going to Mass as often as possible.
In conclusion, learn and practice your Catholic religion. Understand it well. You will then look forward to attending Mass each Sunday. 

Peace be with you,
Joe Govea

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