August 9, 2020

Alberto, your article, “Where are the Children?,” struck a nerve with me. Separating children from their parents the way it was done was such an inhumane act that it will live in infamy long after Trump is gone. Those children who were separated  will carry the scars of that experience for the rest of their lives. Yes, we must demand that every one of those children be accounted for.

I think Trump  will lose the election in November, but because of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is no telling what the voter turnout will be. In the last few weeks, Trump has been pandering to the Hispanic community because he needs us now. Who knows, if he can swing another 5% of the Hispanic vote in his favor that may  be enough for him to win the election!

We must not let that happen. That’s why messages such as this one, i.e., ‘separating children from their parents’ and reminding people about the insults he has made against our “gente” must be kept in front of the voters until election day.We must all urge everyone to vote and to urge others to do the same thing. Many, many thanks.

Fernando Florez

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