Well Super Tuesday came and went.  It was not what everyone expected but then if you are a card player and bet on a come sometimes you lose your pants.  Let’s see there should have been a huge tidal wave for Sanders.  

Instead you had a strong storm surge for Biden.  Seems like Democrats showed up in big numbers with a simple message.  Biden in Sanders out.  Don’t tell that to Sanders because he truly believes the establishment and the media are against him.  Someone once said, “politics is messy.”  From personal experience you can believe that.  With the departure of Elizabeth Warren there are only two viable candidates.  Biden and Sanders.  

It is true that the establishment, if you want to call it that, those that dropped out are supporting Biden.  That gives him a huge advantage in securing the nomination.  You cannot blame the establishment.  Politics is about doing favors and getting something in return.  There are many positions that need to be filled by the president.  I am certain that all those candidates want to be in Biden’s good side just in case he wins.  They get their reward then.  The question is “Why do you want to be on a loser?”  

Bernie Sanders speaking at a rally at the Durham Convention in Durham, NC, on Feb 14, 2020Jackson Lanier

Bernie Sanders speaking at a rally at the Durham Convention in Durham, NC, on Feb 14, 2020

Jackson Lanier

So, this election it seems is going to be a referendum on Trump.  The voters showed their displeasure in 2016 when the Houses flipped.  They showed up to vote in this primary to show whom they wanted to run against Trump.  Don’t tell Sanders that it is voters that respond.  Yes, there is fear that voters may throw all the swamp drainers out of Washington.  But we must wait until December to find out.  In the meantime, be patient with all the candidates that are trying to woo you.  They are just politicians.  

I heard about the long lines at voting places.  I do believe that Bud Kennedy pointed out that the two parties decided on how many machines were going to be in each voting location.  Some people don’t even know what a partisan election is.  We usually say, “Sometimes you have to keep the faith.”


Now we have the runoffs.  The turnout may not be as high.  Those politicians that hit it good with voters will be rewarded.  Those that did not connect you may just have to wait till next election.  Not everybody is like Biden who did not campaign in some states and still one the state.  He even won the Warren’s own state.  

It seems like the greatest hazard we face is not the Coronavirus but Trump.  He is as irresponsible as any person can be.  He must place blame on anybody else instead of taking responsibility has he should as president.  His lies just don’t belong anywhere in America.

Hopefully Sander’s won’t turn on the Democratic nominee.  In the meantime, he is going to whine just as much as Trump.  They do make a good duo.


Well, the primaries are over.  Bon Voyage primaries.  Willkommen runoffs.  See you at the polls.  In other words, vote.

 El Cordero

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