Alberto; How are you, como estas?

Pancho; Muy Bien, I am good.

Alberto; So, is this a busy time for you, pre-Christmas?

Pancho; Si but not as much as my cousin Santo?

Alberto; Santo?

Pancho; Yes, most people call him Santa, but really it is Santo.

Alberto: Wow, I never really knew that. Is Claus his real last name?

Pancho; Not really. But I don’t’ know if I can share more about that. With social media the way it is, I better leave it there.

Alberto: So, what kind of pre-Christmas work are you involved in?

Pancho; Oh, Pos I help with all Spanish language requests and coordinate deliveries in the Southwest.

Alberto: I know you usually come out to Fort Worth for the Tree of Hope (Arbol de la Esparanza Christmas program)

Pancho; Si I have been visiting los ninos de Fort Worth for over 25 years and I love to check in on my good friends de LULAC Council 4568

Alberto; So, will you be here this year?

Pancho; Pos Si and we are planning a special surprise this year?

Alberto: That’s sounds exciting, any hints?

Pancho; I can only say that it something that all the ninos will like and can enjoy for years to come.

Alberto: Well, I guess we all will just have to wait for December 9th to find out. 

Pancho; Si and if I can I want to ask your readers who want to help with the Christmas Fiesta on December 18th  to contact LULAC Council 4568. I know they would appreciate the help because besides the gifts for the children they give fruit, turkeys, food bags plus pan dulce and drinks for the celebration. 

Alberto; Thank you Pancho and yes If you want to help with the Tree of Hope program contact me and I will put you in touch with the good people at LULAC 4568. 

Pancho; Thank you Amigo and look forward to seeing you on December 9th. 

Alberto; Okay Pancho take care, the ninos will be waiting. 

To help Pancho Claus bring Christmas to the good kids of Fort Worth go to the Adopt a Nino Tab to sign up!


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