The answer lies somewhere between yes and maybe. So far, this season has been surprising, in a good way for a change.

Paul T.

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The yes comes in form of their offense. First, Dak is elite and the rest of the N.F.L is finally accepting it. Second, thunder and lightning are in the back field if you know what I mean? And I think you do. All the receivers are contributing in big ways as well as the tight ends. And the maybe part is the defense and special teams. Now let me say I am way more concerned about the special teams. But the defense needs to get better on third and long as well as giving up big plays. I truly feel they will get that corrected and just keep getting better. With Jaylon Smith getting cut earlier this week the young guys are really excelling as team leaders. Dallas may have the best LB and CB in Micah Parsons and Trevon Diggs. Now, as I like to call them, the not so special teams. They must get better because the kicking game is not good. If they can get consistent and cut out the Keystone Cops bit, this team can be special. This time last season, Dallas was 1-3 and are now 3-1 with a good chance to be 4-1 after Sunday. Don’t sleep on the Giants; they are playing better, and they have an offensive coordinator that would love to beat the Cowboys. I’m praying my Cowboys keep the momentum going Sunday and beyond. As always, GO COWBOYS!!

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