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No matter how prepared you think you are, the first week of school can be very hectic. Shuffling school supplies, new schedules, homework, and everything else is overwhelming for parents and kids. But maybe these few tips will help with the chaos that comes with the start of a new year.



Tip One: Simplify Dinner

Trust me, the kids are tired too. And after a long day of meeting teachers, talking to new classmates, and overloading on info- they aren’t thinking about what 4- course meal their parents made. Never discredit the cold-cut dinner (sandwiches) or frozen Dino nuggets. If you aren’t keen on processed food, consider meal planning for that week to avoid the extra task of planning dinner every single night.

Tip Two: Let your kids plan their outfits for the week

This one is easy. Your student is more than excited to pick out outfits from their new clothes, which is an easy chore for them to pick up. However, it may be wise to give a quick gloss over to avoid any secondhand parent embarrassment.

Tip Three: Plan your driving routes

The week before school is an excellent time to make a “practice run” for the morning of the first day. This is especially helpful when your children attend a new school with a new schedule. It also gives the entire family an idea of how much time they need in the morning to prepare for the day. Of course, schools will be closed, but Donut shops aren’t and will make a great treat to get the kiddos excited for their practice run.

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