Oscar-winning Guillermo de Toro presents a series of Dark Fantasy stories that may have a Twilight Zone vibe. Pero, while Twight Zone sometimes would give you a scare or two at the end, this stuff is more of the nightmare type. He presents his shows for your consideration and has other horror creators join the band.

By A. Govea


The first episode is titled Lot 36, with lead Tim Blake Nelson, a real jerk of a guy, racist, selfish, and an idiot. The kind of guy you can’t help but hate immediately or, in today’s social climate, maybe nominate to run for president. Without giving too much away, Tim buys out abandoned storage units to find buried treasure that he can turn into cold hard cash. He desperately needs something, as we soon discover when we meet his creditor. He also has help from another person of low character, the storage manager, to split the loot.

When people neglect to pay their monthly rent, the contents get sold at auction. Long story short, he bought one the owner had been renting for over 40 years. In the meantime, we also meet a female Immigrant who somehow, due to miscommunication, lost her storage unit. Tim bought her unit because she is an immigrant with a heavy Spanish accent. She explains the miscommunication and pleads with Tim to let her get her pictures back. He is a racist jerk who tells her to speak American or English. In closing, he basically tells her to buzz off in a way that will return to haunt him.

This show is streaming on Netflix, and each show is different, so you can binge them all in order or skip around. And while it is horror/sci-fi, it also has a few laughs to make it a fun watch. Let us know your thoughts, and please feel free to share your show reviews with us.

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