Mexican General Francisco Murguia with his troops known as el esquardron de la muerta (The death Troops) were called in. Their insignia was skull and crossbones, and they had a reputation for taking no prisoners. They dismounted, faced the women and drew their sabers as was their custom to strike fear in the enemy. The women did not back down, which must have caused the infamous cavalry to think “What Now” 

By A Govea

  After many hours had passed and people on both sides of the border joined the protests, the end came. However, it took combined forces of Mexican and American troops to quell what they labeled ‘The Bath Riots’. Hundreds were detained and many were executed for their role in the protest.  As an ugly epilogue to all this is that in 1937 Nazi Germany used the disinfect chambers methods, citing its use as a cleansing agent in El Paso. They used Zyklon B in their process that ultimately killed millions of people.  

  The protests just became a story that local folks would tell each other, and it really changed nothing. It was not until the 60s before the harmful practice stopped when Health Officials finally recognized the practice as hazardous to people’s health. As for Carmelita, she was one of many women arrested that fateful day and there is no record of what happened to her after her arrest. Most theorize she was simply disappeared and was not heard from again. I disagree though; we have heard repeatedly from her every time when people stand up for justice. She is there, whispering in the wind, Ca Viva Carmelita! 

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