In 2021, 663 children in Tarrant County were removed from their homes. Of these children, 33% were identified as Hispanic, yet only 10% of CASA of Tarrant County’s volunteer advocates identify as Hispanic. 

 Similar needs exist with other aspects of CASA’s diversity profile. For example: about 33% of Tarrant County children removed last year were identified as Black or African American, while only 12% of CASA volunteers identify as such. Also, while roughly half of children in foster care are boys, 87% of volunteers are women.

 At CASA of Tarrant County, we serve children and families of all cultures, abilities, identities, and backgrounds. We are committed to our goal of advocating for the best interest of all children in the foster care system and providing each child with the highest quality volunteer advocacy possible. To meet this goal, we strive to recruit CASA volunteers of diverse backgrounds so that our volunteers can reflect the diversity of the children in the child welfare system in our community. Race, ethnicity, and language are valuable aspects of identity and should be honored and celebrated. 

Volunteer Katalina Hibjan said, “When you’re volunteering for these kids, a great deal is about finding a way to connect with them. As a Hispanic background volunteer, I’m not only being there for them when they need a voice, but I’m contributing for them to embrace their cultural identity.”

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