¿Puede matarte el no hablar inglés?

Para millones de estadounidenses con conocimientos limitados de inglés, encontrar proveedores sanitarios que hablen su propio idioma sigue siendo un reto.

Mental Health

I’d like to take a detour from my series of community service organizations and deal a situation that seems to come up ever Holiday season, Mental Health.

Sleep is Good Medicine: 11 tips for healthier sleep

Sleep can sometimes feel like self-care that can wait or a reward you need to earn. However, the opposite is true. When it comes to your health, sleep is just as important as physical activity and nutrition.


In our last piece, we found that there were organizations that help bridge the gap between public and private sectors in the community.

America Hates Women

Historically, and depending on the region’s social structure, women have always been treated as second-rate humans. The progress for the advancement of women’s rights and liberties has moved like molasses. And, when it comes to American Women’s rights, the story is no different.

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