The Long Game Interview With Paulina Chavez and Julian Works

The Long Game Interview

By A. Govea                 WASHINGTON, DC – APRIL 09: (L-R) Julio Quintana, Julian Works, Cheech Marin, Jay Hernandez and Lupe Felan attend “The Long Game” Screening & Q+A at White House on April 09, 2024 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images) I asked them both if this was their first role in a historical […]

The Long Game- Movie Review

The Long Game

by Joe Govea This movie is about 5 high school boys who worked part time as golf caddies living in Del Rio Texas. They loved golf and did not allow their low-income situation to keep them from playing. They even built their own golf course out on an abandoned field so they would have a […]

Ways to Make Mom’s Day Extra Special

Cinnamon Muffins

(Family Features) Don’t let Mother’s Day pass by as just another day on the calendar. Make this year’s celebration a true ode to the moms in your life with some extra special touches at breakfast and beyond. Give Her the Day Off Whether she’s the culinary expert of the home or cooking is usually a […]

Los padres de Florida quieren expertos, no políticos, que den forma a la educación

Poll Finds Nearly All Florida Parents

By Mark Hedin Apr 1, 2024 La encuesta encontró que el 92% de los padres de Florida quieren que los planes de estudios de las escuelas públicas sean decididos por “profesionales de la educación”. Según nuevos datos, una abrumadora mayoría de padres en Florida no está de acuerdo con sus legisladores sobre cómo educar a […]

Breaking Cultural Stigmas Around Alzheimer’s


By Selen Ozturk Apr 3, 2024 In response, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is launching Take on Alzheimer’s, a new campaign to reduce the stigma by teaching Californians how to spot the disease and what to do after a diagnosis. At an Ethnic Media Services briefing, CDPH, Alzheimer’s experts and community workers statewide […]

Poll Finds Nearly All Florida Parents Want Experts, Not Politicians Shaping Education

Poll Finds Nearly All Florida Parents

By Mark Hedin Apr 1, 2024 A poll by the Southern Poverty Law Center found 92% of Floridian parents and 90% of the adult population want public school curricula decided on by “education professionals.” An overwhelming majority of Florida adults, especially parents, disagree with their lawmakers about how kids should be educated, new data shows. […]

How I remember my grandfather, Cesar Chavez

by Barbara Chavez Ybarra My earliest childhood memory of my Tata Cesar is being in La Paz where we lived with him and my Nana Helen, spending time with him while he would teach me to read. I was named by him because his favorite city was Santa Barbara. When I was born in Delano I went home to his house where we […]

What’s New This Tax Season?

Tax Season

By Selen Ozturk Mar 25, 2024 Preparing for tax season By the time tax season closes on April 15 — the last day to submit a return — the IRS expects to receive 146 million returns, and planning for it is “a monumental task,” said IRS Wage and Investment Division Deputy Commissioner Kevin Morehead at […]

   Easter, SB4 y Cheating in Golf 

First Happy Easter to all the Christian faithful and to others Happy (sorry don’t know label) what you celebrate this time of the year. For me, as a Catholic, it is a very important time of the year, starting with Lent. During Lent, people give up all kinds of things that they like, as a […]

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