Elevate Pizza Night with Premium Toppings

Premium Toppings

A family debate over what’s for dinner often ends with one word: pizza. Next time you land on pizza night, take it to the next level with premium ingredients everyone can agree on. Elevating the pizza experience starts with tasty toppings that allow you to customize for everyone’s preferences, such as Carando’s Dry Sausage line. […]

Old vs Dangerous and Dumb (Mi Opinion)

Old vs Dangerous and Dumb (Mi Opinion)

Last week’s debate is a subject that will not die. Lots of people are freaking out cause President Biden did not perform well. And worse yet, a fair number of those people are elected officials in his own party. I was also concerned with his performance, Pero not because it made me lose faith in […]

One Year After Affirmative Action is Overturned, What’s Next for Higher Ed?


By Selen Ozturk Jul 2, 2024 The June 2023 decision, which prohibits public and private institutions from including race in considering applicants to admit, shook up the world of higher education. A year after the Supreme Court overruled 45 years of precedent with Affirmative Action, how are colleges and universities adapting? The June 2023 decision, […]



Members of the Pan American Golf Association from all over the U.S.A. will invade Fort Worth this July 2024 for their yearly National golf tournament and convention.  Golf tournaments are composed of various categories. Men’s, Ladies, Seniors, Super Seniors, and Juniors (ages 6-18). Six golf courses will be used. Family and adult festivities are planned […]

Grape Summer Gatherings-Easy recipes to enjoy at warm-weather celebrations

Grape Summer Gatherings

Celebrations abound throughout summer, and if you plan on hosting your nearest and dearest for events large and small, you’ll need a tasty, convenient ingredient to elevate your entertaining all summer long. When that one ingredient also serves as a healthy, refreshing snack on its own, it’s a win-win. Delicious, healthy and versatile, Grapes from […]

Fort Worth Neighborhood Invaded By Egrets!

Neighbored Invaded By Egrets

By Nisie the Out Seer Imagine a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, but instead of creepy crows, a Fort Worth neighborhood was engulfed by a unique sight-Egrets! These birds, similar in appearance to herons, have distinct behaviors. Unlike herons, which are nocturnal, Egrets are most active during the day. They typically sport white […]

Celebrating dads, bonus dads and paternal figures


Celebrating dads, bonus dads and paternal figures, the fifth-annual He’s My Hero Father’s Day PhotoExperiencewill be held Sunday, June 16, from 10:15 a.m.-1 p.m. at Concord Church (6808 Pastor BaileyDr., Dallas 75237). HE’S MY HERO FATHER’S DAY PHOTO EXPERIENCE FOR DADS, BONUS DADS AND FATHER FIGURES TO BE HELD SUNDAY (JUNE 16) AT CONCORD CHURCH FROM 10:15 […]

When it Comes to the Youth Vote,Biden’s TikTok Ban is Bad Politics

TikTok Ban

By Jeannine Chiang Jun 11, 2024 The clock is ticking for TikTok, the wildly popular social media platform that boasts 150 million monthly users in the U.S. Citing national security the Biden Administration in April ordered the Chinese-owned company to sell its US operations within a year or be banned. For young people like me, […]

A Savory Summer Dessert Perfect for Sharing

Savory Summer Dessert

Put delicious desserts back on the menu all summer long with savory favorites that don’t call for wasting sunny days in the kitchen. Single-serve solutions are perfect for sharing with guests, whether you’re hosting a pool party or calling over loved ones for a backyard barbecue. This Peanut Butter Cookie Banana Pudding can be prepped […]

Vaccinations May Not PreventInfections from New Covid Sub-Variant


By Sunita Sohrabji May 30, 2024 Vaccines have not kept pace with the rapid evolution of Covid-19 variants and sub-variants. The new KP.2 subvariant shows an amazing ability to evade immunity, and will likely spur on a summer surge of Covid-19 infections. “This is one of the more aggressive versions of the virus that we […]

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