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City of Angels with Nathan Lane as Detective Lewis Michener and newly minted self-labeled Chicano Detective Tiago Vega star in this gothic horror new show based in 1938 L.A.

The first episode is centered around a quadruple murder of four white people, and the prime suspects are Mexicans. It has satanic undertones, and a message left in Spanish at the murder scene. Which leads the police captain to say, “I wish it had just been Mexicans”. After arriving at the scene Nathan Lane character tells Detective Vega now, I know why they wanted the new Spec Detective. Blatant racism against Mexican Americans is out in the open, no hiding and no reason to. Pero, despite that there is time to celebrate family and community which will put a smile on your face to witness La Raza in 1938 Los Angeles. 

  Also introduced in the mix is a group of German immigrants that seem to support Hitlers’ Third Reich and want Americans to stay out of the war overseas. La Santa Muerta and the Devil also have a part to play in this story lane. And, throw in an egotistic Mayor set on freeway development even if it destroys minority neighborhoods, we got drama to spare. One resident that fights back against the expansion into their neighborhoods is Detective Vega’s brother, which leads to life changing consequences. I know it may it seem like too much stuff for one show. Pero it works. I really liked this show and I think you will too, look forward to the next episode. Sundays at 7.00pm on Showtime I give 4 out of 5 sombreros Ole’!



And, if you have not had enough of Mexican types on T.V. check out Gentrified on Netflix 

This show is labeled a dramedy that often tells like it is, based in Boyle Heights east of downtown L.A.  where the Mexicans and Chicanos are increasingly being replaced with the Lentix and Hipster types.  The people there are working class Raza with strong immigrant ties. The young people there live in two worlds which is, “This is the way it always has been” to “Change is better”. The episodes I have seen revolve around the Morales family trying to come together to save the family Taco shop. There is humor, cultural /tradition and conflict brought on by change, especially by the White hipsters that are moving in. Cesar Chavez Ave is a big player on the show and his work is recognized by several characters on the show. The show is the brainchild and love letter to their neighborhood of Marvin Lemus and Yvette Chavez. They are both first -generation children of immigrant parents that fully understand Spanglish in everyday life. This show is the first they created and sold, which with no previous experience or any genuine industry connections is a real feat. I like it, but maybe not as much as City of Angels, I give 2 ½ sombreros out 5.

   Uno Mas/One More

 for the road if not tired of Mexican Types and interested in Hip- Hop/Rap artists origins with a Mexican intersection, check out L.A. Originals A documentary on Hip-hop influential Duo Estevan Oriol and Mister Cartoon. I guarantee you that even if Hip-Hop is not your thing, you will be impressed with these two Vatos.


By A. Govea

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