Gathering for Easter means bright decor and flavorful food with those you hold nearest and adding some extra “egg-citement” to the holiday can come easy. Let your inner kid shine through with games and activities everyone can enjoy whether it’s at the kitchen table, in the backyard or gathered around for story time.

Hunt for Easter Eggs
Likely the most popular Easter activity of all, hiding plastic eggs full of candy and goodies for kiddos to “hunt” brings plenty of smiles and giddiness. Whether your gatherings typically take place in a family member’s backyard or a local park, it’s an exciting way to get youngsters outdoors for a friendly (yet probably competitive) game.

Bake Desserts
Every holiday comes with its own flavorful traditions and Easter is no exception. From sweet, fresh, fruity desserts to chocolatey delights, baking your family’s favorites is a fun way to bring everyone together in the kitchen. Assigning specialized roles in an easy solution for ensuring all feel involved. Little ones can gather and organize ingredients while older kids measure cups, tablespoons and teaspoons to show off their math skills. Finally, adults can handle cutting and cooking so safety comes first.

Decorate Eggs
Keep the fun in the kitchen by using eggs (real or plastic) as the canvas for creativity. Dyes are a popular choice, but you can also paint or simply use markers to decorate to your heart’s desire. Add final touches with glitter, fabric or ribbons to truly make your creation your own.

Enjoy the Outdoors
Depending on where you live, Easter often presents opportunities to celebrate outdoors. Turn back the clock with kid-friendly classics like tag, hide and seek, backyard sports and more. The best part: These beloved games are meant for all ages, meaning everyone in the family can get in on the fun.

Pass Down Family Stories and Traditions
Whether your loved ones live down the street or across the country, holidays bring people together. These moments spent sharing meals, playing games and looking back on the past are a perfect opportunity for passing down stories and traditions, from studying the family tree to sharing the secrets to favorite recipes. Encouraging elders to share their experiences helps ensure traditions are passed from generation to generation and connects the past to the present and future.

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