History Repeats Itself.

By. Felix Alvarado


When Columbus took off on that historic journey searching for a route to India, he had no idea where he was going to land.  The only thing he knew firmly was that he was sailing east in search of a direct route to India.  At risk were the lives of his crew and ships. America too has started on a journey; it is a journey to the end.  Like Columbus we do not know where we are going or the outcome.   


Similarly, opening the economy, nobody knows which way the coronavirus will go.   The only good projection is the one that the coronavirus will die swiftly.  That is only a Republican political fantasy. Eventually, the lockdown had to end.   Governors made the decision to reopen the economy and release Americans from the lockdown. It was a get back to work mandate.  This action was driven by a conservative PAC and the man in the White House who is more focused on his reelection than the well-being of the Americans.    


By opening the economy, the lives of many Americans are put at stake.  Americans are pitted against the will of a coronavirus that resists annihilation.  We are sacrificial lambs to a person and a party more concerned with the election of November 2020 than the people they are sworn to protect. Conservative agitators believe that their freedom is being taken away by the lockdown.  They rebel, even arm themselves when protesting the lockdown.  Willing to use their guns to protect their constitutional rights.  America is now an armed camp.  This is tribal politics at its best.  The advice of the experts is no longer credible.  Their professional advice is ignored.  


 A ridiculously small group is being manipulated minority conservatives that oppose any government involvement in finding a solution to the pandemic crisis.  This small group is pressuring governors to act to remove lockdowns. Never has a small group of hoodlums had so much control over the government.     



Those that are out there protesting forcing governors to make premature decisions, are endangering the lives of many Americans. These protestors are being organized by some large conservative PAC that is anti-lockdown. These people stand for a miniscule part of the population, but they get a lot of TV time from Fox.  These people are not heroes, they are not patriots, they are hoodlums that are violating the rules that most of us follow.  In the case of the barbershop owner in Dallas, not only did she get a lot of free publicity she also got several hundred dollars through GoFundMe.  We used to say, “Crime does not pay.”  Well in at least one case it paid handsomely.  


A complaint heard a lot is the demand that the governors opened the economy too soon. Seems like people are not flocking to those places that have opened. Many are taking precautions against the spread of the coronavirus. 

 These are times that define who we are as a family. We have been abandoned. At risk are our senior family members who are considered expendable.  Learn to read the charts that show the progression of the coronavirus.  The government is not your friend.  Neither is Fox News or those protesting for the governor to open the businesses.  

 As the nation traverse’s this period we must know how to find credible information about the progress of the coronavirus.  We must be aware of the progress of the coronavirus and the actions of the politicians.  Lies are flying in every direction. 

 This is a time built for heroes, the one that can stand up at the end and proudly boast, “I fixed the economy.”  This would almost guarantee a reelection. You must also remember that you cannot trust Trump or the Republican Party. They are one and the same. Both committed to lying to salvage their party and reelection. In other words, they want to be your heroes.

 From now until the end you are on your own. The journey is going to end when the coronavirus mysteriously goes away, or a vaccine is produced. Until then we will go through some very rough seas. You do not have friends in high places. Only you can protect your family against those tyrants that would put your family in danger to so they can be reelected. You must distrust politicians and the media.  Starting at the top be wary of any politician that tells you all is okay; that the numbers are going down, in other words all positives.  

 Remember, my generation is considered expendable. We are old, have too many medical conditions and we have not taken care of our body. To politicians we are an acceptable loss.

 Do you consider friend’s expendable? Your family? Only you can answer that question.  Best advice that I can give is- be wary of who you trust.

 One last thought. Remember, this is an employer’s market.

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