As of this writing (9.00am 1/2/20) Jason has not been fired despite having at least two meetings with J.J. 


I understand it is never easy to fire anyone, at least for me. Pero, just like with any unpleasant chore best to get it over with ASAP and move on. Unless as some have speculated, he is searching for a reason to keep him. If true- the obvious question is ‘why’? It certainly would not be because of his winning record.

  In fact, that would precisely the reason to fire him. Especially for Jerry, he always seems to be in Super Bowl or bust mode.  Jason AKA the Clapper has gotten the Boys to the playoffs 3 times and has 2 wins to show for it. Pero never in conference championship, which of course means not even close to a Super Bowl. Unless he buys a ticket.  In fact, he must have the coaching record for mediocracy with 4-4! 8/8 seasons. No coach can survive this, right? Well if Jerry is in charge Quien Sabe (Who Knows). To say that Jerry may be part of the problem is to state the obvious but as I said on Tuesday’s podcast he is not about to let go. To quote the old actor Charlton Heston, (Moses)” You’ll have to pry it from my cold dead hands”.

  That being said, this is a problem you must work around – not just get rid of. Pero, Como? (How). Well, for one- many are hoping that his son Steven will take a larger role in decision making. And there is some evidence that maybe his voice is getting louder. In fact, it was reported that Jerry really wanted to make a deal to get Johnny Manziel in the draft and Steven with the support of others stopped him. And of course, we all know what a disaster that pick became. The other way to stop Jerry is quit buying tickets and gear. Pero, I don’t think that will happen since the Cowboys have what is seems like a cult following. 

  On my podcast I speculated about maybe giving up on the Boys if they kept Garret. But then what would I do. Follow a new team? Nope, too old for that. Or I could give up football altogether but, as a guy I think that would make me uncomfortable.  And, it makes me uncomfortable to say that in today’s politically correct society, because it might be considered sexist to think that if I said, “I don’t like football” other guys would maybe look at me sideways. So, come on Jerry- get over with it and let Jason go and hire someone else. And, please let them pick their own staff. And, let their staff and the players answer to the coach only. After all, that is the way it works with all other teams. Well, maybe sans Washington, which might be a bigger disaster then we have in Dallas. 

  As to who to pick as the new coach, my vote is the O.C. in Baltimore. Not just because what he did there but what he did in San Francisco with Kaepernick when they got to Super Bowl.  I know my vote doesn’t count. Pero at least I put out there. Anyway, I’ve had my say, ‘Stay tuned for the official announcement’.

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