Looks like Dallas has been reading their own press clippings. And us fans are no better, last week I was calling the Broncos donkeys- which makes me a jackass.

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The game started good with Tony Pollard taking the kickoff to midfield. Cowboys’ nation was already feeling cocky. Then nothing. That great field position went knowhere with Dallas failing to pick up a single first down, then turning the ball over on fourth and one. Yes, it was going to be that kind of day.

Dak looked rusty and just out of sorts, not the confident field general we have become accustomed to. The receivers did him no favors. Usually sure- handed Cooper dropped passes and you can add Lamb, Pollard and Wilson to the list. Now to be fair, Dak was under pressure all day. That’s where the coaches should have made some adjustments. Cowboys Defense was playing the role of matador, letting Denver’s running backs go crazy. And when Bridgewater dropped back to pass he had all day! Even Diggs had a rough day, getting beat all afternoon.

On a positive, Micah Parsons had another great day just can’t say enough good things about this young man. Special teams had a good day and even blocked a punt. But that punt somehow got Denver a first down and went on to score on the drive. I’m still trying to understand the blocked punt rule. Now don’t get too down. This is just a speed bump, I have all the confidence Dallas will rebound, do not forget all the good games they have played and won so far. On that note, “LET THE COWBOYS RIDE”!

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