Well, this is going much better than expected! Who had Dallas 5-1 at the bye? Don’t lie now, I for one did not. I had them maybe 3-3 at this point in the season.

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Last Sunday when it looked like that dang Belichick was going to do his thing and pull the upset, Dallas answered the bell and manned the #&%* up! That’s what we have been waiting for around here for a long time. Towards the end of the game, I told my dad I couldn’t handle going into the bye with a loss, and hearing the national media have a field day with it.

But thank God our Boys won in what had to be the game of the year so far this season. Just when it looked like Trevon Diggs interception streak would end, he not only had a pick but a huge pick six! Of course, New England came right back with a long touch down pass to take the lead again. But with nerves of steel Dak Prescott led his team right down into field goal range and tied it up, sending them into overtime. The Patriots won the toss but failed to take advantage and had to punt the ball to Dallas.

And once again our man Dak drove them down with several key passes and the kill shot to CD Lamb that sent the fans at Gillette stadium home wishing they still had a certain number 12 leading their team. Now, we are all used to seeing Dallas pull defeat from the jaws of victory but now they may be getting it right and doing the opposite. Things aren’t perfect and I still have some issues with the head coach, but to his credit they are playing hard and winning games. Now Dak did get injured on the last play, but it looks like he shouldn’t miss to much time. Dallas plays again Halloween night and should be a nightmare for the Vikings defense. Let’s go COWBOYS!!

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