“Just When I Think”…


And, the rest of the quote from the 1994 movie Dumb and Dumber is, “You couldn’t’ be any dumber, you go out and do something like this and totally redeem yourself”. The movie stars Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels with Lauren Holly as the female lead. If you haven’t’ seen it and have some off time this holiday season- there are worst ways to spend your time. And if you have, you know what I mean.


  Last week in a sarcastic kind a way I wrote that Dallas finally got rid of a problem the Kicker. Not their coach. Not to say that didn’t need to happen. Pero, Garret is the one with a full target on his back. After all, J.J. has made it clear that Garret will be finishing the season come Hell or High Water! And of course, J.J. is trying to sell the idea of a fairy tale ending that has the Cowboys in the Super Bowl.  Sorry Jerry, I’ve’ seen this movie before and there’s never a happy ending. In fact, after the loss to the Bears I checked out of this season. 


  As I wrote last week- I really didn’t much care to watch the boys small b against the Rams, I was sure they were going to wet the bed. So, I just started watching close to halftime and that was only because it was already on at my house. I could not believe what was going on thus the title of this article/episode. The offense was offensing (Not a word) and the defense was well, defensing. But lo and behold the Boys and their lame duck (Maybe never know with Jerry) coach were going to beat a team with a winning record. And not just any team, the team that embarrassed them in the playoffs last season. The Rams, final score 44-21 and it wasn’t’ that close.


So, what now, well basically beat the Eagles next week in Philly with an injured Dak and several members of the defense and yore’ in. Now the Eagles have plenty of injuries themselves as their fan base reminds us every day. Pero, the question I and many others must ask ourselves is – do we care? And worse for a lifelong Cowboy fan I can’t help but think that a loss on Sunday would be best for this team. I’m’ concerned that a win or two too close this season will again give us all false hope and worse, maybe even keep Garret here longer. And, that would be an ender for me, no mas, I could not under any circumstances continue to support this team. Pero, it is the dirty Eagles and their less then clean fans.

 Will I watch, will I care, don’t know yet. Pero, I know I have family coming over that day so it for sure will be on. However, I don’t believe a win on Sunday will lead to a Super Bowl appearance but to end with another quote from Dumb and Dumber, “So you’re telling me there’s’ a chance” 

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