Okay, when is the last time you felt confident playing Belichicks Patriots? 

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For me the answer is never since Bill has been their head coach. But, hey with no Brady, and if you forgot, Tom handed Dallas the 1 in our 4-1 record. So far this season New England is 2-3 and has lost some close games but they just don’t look the same without Brady. The defense still looks good but are middle of the pack against the run. Which should be great for Zeke and Tony a.k.a. Thunder and Lightning. But we know Bill will have a solid game plan in store to slow them down.

So, this could turn into the Dak air attack and in turn will open back up the running game. This is a road game and it’s hard to believe but right now Dallas is favored by four. To me it has all to do with our number 4 Dak! He just seems to get better and better each week.

Hopefully that trend continues in Foxborough Sunday. This is going to be a great experience for the young players on the defensive side of the ball. No matter the outcome this team will be better after facing Bill Belichick. Now being a shell-shocked Cowboys fan for the better part of two decades it’s hard to be super confident. The truth is I’m starting to feel good about what this team has done so far this season. Baring big injuries to key players Dallas should beat New England this Sunday. Can’t help but wonder and hope Trevon Diggs has another INT Sunday but knowing Belichick he will make sure his rookie QB doesn’t even look his way. Can’t wait for kickoff. A win Sunday will do so much for this team’s mentality. Let’s go Cowboys!

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