“Fool Me Once”


As George W.  Bush # 43 said when he mangled the old saying “Fool me once, augh the point is you can only fool me once” 

By A Govea




Well, if you are a Cowboy fan like me, that wants to believe that somehow the Boys are just a player or a new coach away from returning to the glory days.  You and I have been fooled a lot more than once. Just this season, it happened to me at least twice. I was ready to give up on them after the ugly loss against the Browns. Then they beat the Giants, and I thought, well, maybe in this division, who knows? Then they get embarrassed by the Cardinals and lose to Washington and Eagles. And just when I thought I’ve’ had it, they come back to life against the Steelers and almost win.

  Next, they go to Minnesota and win there. Well, I was in again. Pero then came Thanksgiving! Dumb mistakes, Dumb coaching, and dumb me. They fooled me again, I was already out for the season, and they pulled me back in. I should have listened to W. And, if you look back ten years, you realize they been fooling us for years. This is not a team with any winning tradition. In fact the in the last 10 years, they have only had three winning seasons. And even then, they never even sniffed the NFC championship game. They had four 8/8 seasons in those ten years, which must be a record and screams out mediocracy. 

  All that said, none of us should have been surprised on Thanksgiving when a team with no nickname came in and tattooed a win on the lowly hometown team. (Sorry, can’t resist, Friends in low places) Pero, the injuries, the death of their strength coach. May he RIP, but I do not want to hear it; they stink, and they have been stinking for a long time. We all know who must take the blame for over twenty years of mediocracy, but of course, he will not. Pero, as for me, I am out for sure this time, to requote old #43 “The point is you can’t’ fool me again, “I hope.

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