If Dallas takes care of the Giants and Tampa Bay beats the Saints, the Cowboys playoff spot will be secured. I’m the first one to say when divisional rivals play each other all bets are off, but really Dallas is an eleven-point favorite and better take care of business.

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If somehow, they lose this game, they have much bigger problems than we think. We all know this offense has been stuck in neutral for weeks now, and I feel the biggest problem is the lack of running game. This highly touted O Line has not been good giving Elliot and Pollard much daylight to run through. Sometimes it feels Kellen Moore is calling run plays that have no chance of being successful; almost like a defiant kid saying, “see told you it wouldn’t work.” He must get creative these next few weeks to gain some balance on the ground and through the air. Now on a positive note, it appears the O Line is improving with pass protection. Dak, you’re not off the hook pal, you look lost and out of synch.

His fourth quarter pick six against Washington was inexcusable and to his credit, he accepts full responsibility and makes zero excuses. That’s not something common in sports or regular life these days. Dak has always showed the ability to shake things off and right the wrongs, so, until further notice he still has my vote of confidence. As the season has progressed the special teams has showed steady improvement. Our punting game is top notch and Zuerlein looks to be getting more consistent. They have even blocked several punts and had a big blocked extra point against Washington. Mike McCarthy has been better as well; he just needs to wrangle in kid genius a bit. Now I saved the best for last, could it be another Doomsday defense in the making? We will get that answer real soon with a playoff birth on the horizon.

But, as of right now they are carrying this team. If not for all those turnovers and scoring a touchdown, they would have lost to Washington. Micah Parsons, I think this kid is from Krypton; we have Superman is on this team. So that means truth, justice, and the Americas team way! And it’s not just Parsons, it’s the whole defense stepping up; especially Trevon Diggs who continues his incredible season leading the N.F.L. in interceptions. Guys, the regular season is almost over only four games left, so enjoy it why you can and have peace of mind knowing our Cowboys should be playing after the regular season.   



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