Well, Dallas at least covered the spread, so they beat the odds makers. Now about beating Brady’s Bucs, they fell just short. We got some much-needed answers last night about Dak.

 Paul T.


You Tube- The booth

He is back and has never looked more accurate! Showing no effects from ankle or shoulder injury he passed for over 400 yards 3 touch downs to only one INT which was not his fault. Dak’s play is one of several positive takeaways from Thursday night. The defense played with emotion and confidence which is not easy to do against Tom Brady. Even when they gave up big plays, they never got down on themselves. Micah Parsons is just outstanding and is already making a huge impact and Demarcus Lawrence is solid as always. Second year CB Diggs just keeps progressing and had a pick. And how about the WR? Especially Cooper. What route running and poise! Also, Lamb and others including the tight ends really contributed. Now special teams, well they picked up where they left off last season and that’s not a good thing. Zuerlein was awful costing his team points and giving up bad field position with his short kick offs. He had help from the coaches’ with bad game management all around. I feel the caching will cost us from doing anything big this season, I hope I’m wrong. We didn’t even mention the O line without their best player which still played great considering their opponent. Next week we get Martin back, but word just came down that starting tackle La’el Collins will be suspended for the next 5 games for substance abuse. Let’s pray the Cowboys keep improving and can outplay their opponents as well as their coaches.

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