Last Sunday night before the Cowboys started, I, like most people, was sure they would lose by 20 points. Even as they were getting healthier, I still knew they had no quarterback and, therefore, no offense. But really, I just hoped they wouldn’t get embarrassed again and give all the haters even more fuel to criticize my beloved cowboys with. But I have to say that, given my expectations for what this team is capable of, I think they outperformed. I mean, really, the cowboys could have easily won the game if not for some questionable calls by Offensive Coordinator Kellen Moore.

By Aaron Arguello

The offense came out fast and confusing with a double reverse for a 20 yd gain to Ceedee Lamb on the first series. At midfield on 3rd and 7, Dinucci sidearms a bullet to Lamb on a short comeback route for a first down, and for a second, it looked like just the kind of opening drive to lead to a quick touchdown. But ultimately, they would have to settle for a Zurlein field goal making it 3-0. Zurlein was definitely our offensive MVP of the game, later nailing a 59 yd field goal into the wind to give us a 9-7 lead going into the half. But the offense didn’t look as bad as it has in recent weeks. Even though they only had 265 total yards, it was at least balanced. Zeke went for 63 yards on 19 carries (no fumbles), Dinucci, 21-40 for 180, no TDs, no INTS, and Gallup led the day in receiving with 7 receptions and 60 yards. The biggest hurdle of the game for the offense was getting into the endzone. The Cowboys have only scored one touchdown since Dak’s injury.

Still, the defense gave the offense plenty of opportunities to score off turnovers, forcing two interceptions, recovering two fumbles, and scoring on precisely zero of the ensuing drives. But the defense did look a lot tougher this week, blitzing more often and putting the pressure on Wentz early, eventually sacking him three times. The Eagles were held to only 222 total yards, Trevon Diggs nabbed two interceptions in a defensive MVP game. Donovan Wilson and Vander Esch each had big hits on Wentz that forced fumbles. They only gave up 14 points the whole night. I know the Eagles offense is a shell of its former self, but still, I think our defense looked better than they’re getting credit for.

I wish I could say the same about the offense, but it, unfortunately, has bigger problems. They will need a quarterback moving forward who can score in the red zone if they hope to win any games at all, whether that is Gilbert or Rush. QB musical chairs aside, though, Kellen Moore needs to do better as an OC. On the Philadelphia 26 yard line on a 2nd and 8 in the mid 3rd quarter when Moore calls a reverse instead of running it to the right side, which you could argue was working for them all night, it ends in a 10-yard loss, killing the momentum of the drive and ending in a missed field goal. If we score a touchdown on that drive, we go up 16 to 7, and we’re in a completely different game strategy wise. Instead, this seriously lacking offense is forced to play catch up all night, resulting in a net gain of 0 points. I understand the coaching staff is going through growing pains right now, but still, if the offense can’t score more points than they allow off turnovers, you can’t expect to win games. But maybe I’m overlooking the possibility that the coaching staff doesn’t really expect to win any more games this season.

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