Cowboys 9-Eagles 17




The national sports talking heads have often wondered what the Cowboys really are. Are they the Cowboys that totally dominated the Rams or couldn’t even find a way to beat the hapless Jets? Well, most of us knew locally all along, now all know.

They are a team with no leadership, no real direction and no hope. They have the stink of mediocracy firmly engrained.  Defined it a person of mediocre ability or in this case a team. What has me scratching my head and most others, is that clearly there is talent on this team.  Pero, they just don’t know how to manage it. 

  A perfect example is the 4 & 8 with the game on the line and time running out, they pull their number 1 receiver Cooper and Cobb for good measure. What, what, when Cooper was asked why he was out, he said it was just part of the normal rotation. And there it is folks, a big part of what is wrong with this team. They are in able of adjusting in real game time situations. We shouldn’t’ be surprised when we all know they have a robot for a coach. With his all 3 phases and it a process talks, I am so tired off that Cr**.


  Fortunately, it should all be over this Sunday. Unless the Eagles- which by the way are just as bad if not worse, lose against the Giants. And, it would be just like this team to pull of a win and stumble into the playoffs. Just to prolong the misery for its fans as, ‘Hey it’s not over until we say so’.

Well I hope you still had a Merry Christmas despite our team showing their true colors. I know how that can be to Live or Die with your team. Thankfully for me and my family I have learned to not go crazy anymore. I guess I’ve gotten used to it now, which in way is worse. Pero, we are heading into a New Year and into a new decade. So, maybe just maybe if you really believe ‘It will be the decade of the Cowboys”! Anyway, Happy New Year to you and family.


“They are a team with no leadership, no real direction and no hope”.

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