Now that I am fully vaccinated and things are kinda returning to normal, I have gone back to the movies. In the last couple of weeks, I saw two movies that had several Mexican types. And if you’ve read my stuff before you know that is sure to get my attention E Mi Dinero (money) 

By A. Govea

(Primero Hitman’s Bodyguard Wife)


First, I went to see the Hitman’s Bodyguard’s Wife’s Bodyguard with Salma Hayek as the wife, Samuel Jackson as her new husband, and Hitman, Ryan Reynolds as an unlicensed bodyguard. This movie has just the right amount of action and comic relief to please fans of either genre. In addition, Morgan Freeman makes an appearance as Ryan Reynold’s Dad which makes Samuel Jackson say, “What the *****”. Playing the part of the rich bad guy is Antonio Banderas. 

  The premise involves Ryan Reynolds’s character, Michael Bryce helping Selma’s character trying to save her hitman husband, Darius Kincaid so they can go on their honeymoon. Selma’s’ character is not that of a damsel in distress rather she is very accomplished and dishes out punishment to all those who gets in her way. The plot later grows into trying to save Europe from total disaster. I give **** for a Mexican in the movie and **** for overall 8 total, if you like a good fun movie, can’t go wrong with this one.


The Forever Purge

As a Purge fan since the movies first released, I have seen all of them and will admit that the plot is basic. Once a year the U.S. new Founding Fathers allow all crimes to be legal including murder. They sell it as a way to cleanse the country of all evil deeds once a year. For me it is a little guilty pleasure and, hey most of us like a little scare now and then. 


  This one, though, has plenty of Mexicans and even a trip into Mexico, so for me, Olé. The main characters are Ana de la Regura as Adela, Josh Lucas as Dylan Tucker, Tenoch Huerta as Juan. The plot revolves around Juan and Adela who have settled into Texas to escape the drug violence in Mexico. And the Tuckers, a wealthy Texas ranch family. There is some obvious friction between the Josh character and Juan early on. This led us to believe the friction was a foreshadow of things to come. Pero there is a twist ahead, which comes early the next day after the purge. The movie is a little predictable but still; I give this movie an overall score of *******. If you are a fan of the franchise, you will like it. Pero some the dialogue seems strangely familiar to the far right Trumpster types. So, if this offends you, it is not for you. 


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