The election to choose the next president of the United States is over. The American people have spoken.

Felix Alvarado



The American people chose Joe Biden. As usual when Trump does not like the outcome, he starts dispensing lies. He cannot change the outcome; all he can do is try to invalidate the outcome. As usual, he is helped by Fox News that spreads his lies and the Republican Party that stands by idly and does nothing. 


The Founding Fathers took great care in making it difficult for someone to absorb power unlawfully and become a dictator. They built three separate branches of government none with control over the others. This was a fail-safe strategy. This system worked well until Trump. The mechanism developed by the founding fathers failed. Trump’s frontal attack on American democracy is unprecedented. Trump absorbed the absolute power of a dictator at once. According to Trump the constitution gave him absolute power and there were no limitations to his presidential powers. 


Trump started his attack on the American Democracy before he was elected president. Trump started before his election discrediting the news media. According Trump, everything which the media published was fake. The only source of the truth was Trump and Fox News. The bureaucracy was there to serve him, not the American people.


Trump could not try to pass himself off as a dictator unilaterally, he needed support and support he had from the Senate and his supporters. The power that he did have were lies, conspiracy theories, a TV network and many surrogates that spread his lies. Americans were bombarded with Trump’s lies for almost four years.


Trump built his dictatorship with help of the Republican controlled senate led by Mitch McConnell. McConnell assured everyone that impeaching Trump was a waste of time because the Senate would not convict him. It did not. Lies were more powerful than the truth. When the House would not fund Trump’s border wall, he took money allocated to other projects. The second chamber of the legislature, the House of Representatives, watched with dismay it was powerless. 


 With a judiciary that is mostly solid conservative, challenges to Trump’s agenda were not going anywhere. Early on he started attacking the voting system in America, especially mail in ballots. According to Trump mail in ballots were subject to major fraud. He never presented any evidence to prove his accusations. 


If I learned anything about Trump the past four years, it is that in between all his lies, you could believe some of the things that he said. He was abundantly clear that he was not going to give up the presidency peacefully. There would be no peaceful transfer of power. There was the threat of his takeover and cancelling elections. In other words, a coup de etat. 


Now that the election is over there is the reasons why Trump there will be a search as to why Trump lost. One reason was that Biden had an overabundance of money. He was able to deliver his message to the people through various media outlets. The greatest thing for Trump to swallow is that Americans turned out in big numbers to vote him out of office. It was not Biden. It was repudiation of everything Trump. The real winners were the American people that rejected the Trump dictatorship and kept America a democracy. 


To me this is why Trump got beat: To all Whites my age, look around you. Look at your children. You will notice that what you see is not the country that you grew up in. America changed. During your watch. You were too busy looking elsewhere to see the change that was going on. Society changed. You were too busy talking about abortion, Gun rights, taxes, etc. to see that America had become more diverse. The White world that we grew up in is not there anymore. Yes, there are Whites, but their numbers diminish every year. America has become more diverse and more inclusive.


All eyes are in Georgia. Georgia will decide the course of the nation. There is a runoff election for two senate seats. These two seats will decide which party controls the Senate, and the direction America will take. 


The greatest check against a person usurping power is the individual vote. You decided which way you want America to go. To Trump supporters out there. Your reign is over. Join the rest of America.


Lies do not rule America anymore. 


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