“Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it”. That was the sign at Rev. Jim Jones Jonestown. Now, how many of us have said “I would never join a cult”?

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Sorry to tell you another Jones named Jerry has got you drinking his Cowboys Kool-Aid year after year. And, we keep buying the merchandise, dumb shirts that say things like “got 5”? We spend a fortune at his church….uh, I mean stadium, and for what? The team does not show up unless they are playing a terrible team like the Eagles. Why does this loss hurt so bad after over two decades of other soul crushing losses? The answer is we have also been lying to ourselves and put me down as the worst offender.

Dak played terrible against good teams all season and we blamed injuries, then he played well against a sorry team like the Eagles and we forgot the injuries. This went on and on making excuses for him and others. Coach McCarthy won one super bowl in thirteen seasons with the Packers with two of the greatest QBs of all time. He had them in the playoffs several seasons. A lot of the times those teams looked unprepared and underachieved losing to the Giants in 2011 at home in the divisional round after being the number one seed. And remember the Dez catch no catch? Of course you do.

Well, after that game the Packers went on to blow a huge lead to Seattle in the N.F.C championship game and were out coached and played in the second half. Even Jason Garret may have fooled around and got to a Super Bowl if he had thirteen years. I’m really starting to believe the only difference between McCarthy and Garrett is 150lbs. If we follow the Cowboys trend this season, they won twelve games so next season they will win six to eight. They will have injuries to blame or a new coordinator they couldn’t get use to and if that doesn’t work, they will have their new favorite, the refs. The Cowboys are soft boys, and we continue to drink the Kool-Aid. Enjoy the rest of the playoffs everyone, it should look familiar since Dallas is no longer part of it.

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