The confederate statue on the Denton Square has now been gone for several months with little to no opposition either on the square, in the Denton Record Chronicle, or with the County Commissioners.

Story By by Alfredo Sanchez


For over a decade, Willie Hudspeth protested the removal of the confederate statue with no success.  Others joined him also with no success.  A committee was set up to study the issue of removing the Confederate Statue.  The County Commissioners decide to keep the statue in place but to provide literature around the statue to explain the history of the confederate statue and why it was relevant.  After the George Floyd incident, the Denton County Commissioners, with little fanfare, removed the confederate statue and without much notice, if any, to the public.  

I have been to the square a few times since the removal of the confederate statue.  As I walked around the square, not consciously thinking of the Confederate Statue, I noticed a breath of fresh air around the square and within me.  I believe that things that have a dark history also possess dark energy that attracks more dark energy.  This we saw in the groups that would show up on weekends defending the confederate statue.  Most groups that defended the confederate statue were recognized as white supremist or just hate groups. 

The United States is going through a very dark period in our History.  This darkness is tied to the fact that we continue to deny and refuse to accept the truth in our American History.  The removal of the confederate statues throughout this country must be undertaken if this country is to purge itself of the hate these stone statues emit.  The dark energy and hate that is embodied by what these stone gods represent turn Americans against Americans.  It becomes us against them.  The history we celebrate, both good and bad, in these United States of America belongs to all of us.  We cannot cherry pick our history as many would have us believe and still believe we are doing the right thing.  As a nation, we must confront those periods of our dark history by incorporating that history in our education.  So that all Americans, colonist and recent immigrants, understand that along the way the United States has made a lot of mistakes, but our mistakes do not dictate what we can become for all Americans.  One Nation with Liberty and Justice for All.   


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