By Nisie the Out Seer

Imagine a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, but instead of creepy crows, a Fort Worth neighborhood was engulfed by a unique sight-Egrets! These birds, similar in appearance to herons, have distinct behaviors. Unlike herons, which are nocturnal, Egrets are most active during the day. They typically sport white or blue feathers, with the blue ones appearing darker. Interestingly, when it’s time to nest, Egrets often choose unsuspecting neighborhoods as their new homes.

I witnessed the infestation myself and was amazed by the severity of the situation. Hundreds and hundreds of birds filled the trees, resting on roofs, and taking over private yards. It seemed like a massive inconvenience to homeowners, if not for the smell alone. The odor reminded me of a zoo, but there was nothing fun about this pop- up Egret exhibit.

Thanks to the efforts of the Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, the Egrets and their nests were safely relocated to a more suitable location.

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