Forest Park Pool in Fort Worth was truly one of a kind. It boasted the only outdoor public Olympic swimming pool in Texas. Located directly next to the Fort Worth Zoo, you can faintly hear animal sounds from across the fence. The original filtration system was also unique in that it was naturally filtered by sunlight and water circulation. Later the city would switch to the more common chlorine filtration system. 

The Out Seers


            The giant saucer shaped pool would be home to countless memories for the city of Fort Worth. In the 70’s the city would host swimming programs to encourage the freshly popular sport of swimming. Future Olympian Dana Vollmer would spend their days practicing at the pool as a young teenager. The mayor also had yearly programs to teach pool safety and to teach children to swim. One Facebook user said he was sad to see the pool go and remembered how excited he was to learn how to swim at the now Century old pool.

Photo By: The Out Seers Forest Park Pool

Photo By: The Out Seers

Forest Park Pool

            At a time when the public pools were segregated in Fort Worth, Forest Park Pool was WHITES ONLY. Except on Juneteenth when the city would open the pools to black swimmers. By the 70’s the pools were no longer segregated and could be enjoyed by anyone who needed to cool off. 

            In 2009 the city closed four other public swimming pools leaving Forest Park Pool as the last one left. Now after 100 years of being open, the city will drain the pool for the very last time. It is now being replaced with a pool that is almost half its original size, with the addition of slides and a splash pad for the younger kids. Did you spend your Summers at the Forest Park Pool? Please tell us about your favorite memories in the comments!

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