You may ask, huh, “What do you mean?” Pos let me tell you, most shows with our Raza have several things in common.


Por Examplo (for example) A loud Spanish-speaking Tio or Tia, tacos, drunk uncles, gang attire, etc. This also has some of that, but it is different from the central storyline theme, and all the characters seem proficient in English, as one reader noted.

The two main characters are sisters that live with a single dad that lost his wife and their mother to cancer. Oh, and it is a comedy; you may think, “That don’t sound too funny” Throw in a live-in uncle that is more concerned with a quick buck than being the adult in the room.

The girls both attend High School with a group of friends that are also trying to find their way in life. Which also involves their ethnicity, sexuality, and relationships in general. Mostly, it is typical teenager stuff with a Raza twist or takes. However, unlike other shows, let’s say the new George Lopez show, the Mexican thing is not constantly in your face. Thus, the title is the Mexican UnMexican show.

Don’t get me wrong; there is still room for the George Lopez’s’ of the world. Pero (but) just like I don’t want to listen to Vincente Fernandez or Little Joe all the time doesn’t mean that I don’t ever want to listen. The show’s two main stars are Keyla Monterosso as the older sister, Gloria, and Bryana Salaz as the younger sister Ines. I stumbled on this show because I had seen Keyla on a couple of episodes of last season’s Larry David’s’ Curb your Enthusiasm and thought she was hilarious. So when I saw she was in this, I thought, ill’ try it. And so far, I have not regretted it.

Mainly, it is family-friendly, depending on the age of your kids, but it is a strong P.G. 13 due to language and some sexual situations. I have not seen all episodes, so I don’t know if it gets worse than that. So, I might recommend checking out without the kids the first time around, and when you do, please let us know what you think by emailing us at albertogovea@amigosnbusiness.com. One more thing, if you have not seen Wednesday from the Adams family on Netflix yet, check out as well. It also stars another Latina, Jenna Ortega, that appears on the Jane the Virgin show as the young Jane.

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