The Ku Klux Klan has committed countless atrocities and are responsible for numerous gruesome murders since their origination. Southern Legend says the Klan once committed such atrocity- one that would lead true evil from the shadows and into a small Texas town. Denton was founded in the 1850’s, a product of another attempted settlement called Pinckneyville. In-between the failed settlement and Denton County is an old iron bridge called “Old Alton Bridge” a bridge that would earn a twisted nickname more than a half a century later.




“But, not everyone in town was as accepting of a Black Man like Mr. Washburn being so successful.”

It was 1938, Denton was small but busy town. Oscar Washburn, one of the newcomers was eager see his goats all over Denton. He quickly became a town favorite and business was booming. But, not everyone in town was as accepting of a Black Man like Mr. Washburn being so successful. The local Klan group became more enraged and finally their jealousy hit its peak when they discovered a sign along Old Alton Bridge, that sign read, “This way to the Goatman’s.”


By the light of their torches the Klansman mobbed to Oscar Washburn’s home and dragged him to his death. The crazed murderers thought they had hung him from the bridge but when they went to go view the body – there was nothing to be found. Just an empty noose swinging from the bridge. The men were terrified, and assumed the man was also into witchcraft. Fearing for their families, the mob returned to the home to murder the rest of Oscar Washburn’s family.

            Legend says Mr. Washburn protects his bridge to this day. Supposedly, if you drive over the bridge with your headlights off, Goat man will be waiting for you on the other side. There have also been claims of unexplained psychotic laughter coming from the surrounding forest.

            Now, there is no historical documentation of Oscar Washburn, but do you dare to investigate the legend yourself?

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