Our Common Bonds (Numero Dos)

From the day we are born until the day we die, our lives are primarily defined by 2 identifying documents, our birth certificate, and our death certificate.

Our Common Bonds

If you are an American of Mexican descent and were born in West Texas in the early part of the 1950’s, here’s a few things we might have in common. 

Multiculturalism Means More Not Less

Regina identifies as biracial – Black and Latina, a Mexican-American with a bit of Southern Italy sprinkled into her ancestry.  Tyrone is Filipino.

Imaging a Multi-Racial City After a Political Earthquake

Weeks after leaked tape of four Latino leaders expressing racist views about political power sharing in Los Angeles rocked the city, prompting the resignation of the city council president, the reverberations are far from over.

Remembering Gus with Efrain

In 1977 the gas price was about .62 cents a gallon; you could buy a loaf of bread anywhere from 33 to 49 cents.

A Song for Cesar

On Saturday, September 10th, my wife and I attended the Fort Worth screening of the new Documentary “A song for Cesar” at the Rose Marine Theatre.

Texas Civil War Museum

Fort Worth thankfully has many museums to chose from whenever you’re in the mood for a little adventure.

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