I believe God has a plan for the United States of America. As the federal government continues to get the Church out of Politics, the message Pope John Paul talked about during his first sermon to his Polish country men is more relevant.

Story By Joe M. Govea


He talked about the new evangelization. It has become clearer to me. We can’t expect the federal government or political parties to push or maintain our Christian beliefs. A full Christian party would be in danger to implode. Just look at all the Christian denominations in this country. We can’t agree on how to believe or worship our Lord. This would lead to a nation more divided than what we are now. Yet freedom of Religion is what make this country great and allows us to be a member of God’s Kingdom.

            As members of God’s Kingdom our energy of faith and worship is pointing the same direction for everyone that direction is towards God Jesus our King. Yet this freedom of religion also allows people freedom from religion. They are free not to join God’s kingdom. Why would someone choose not to join God’s Kingdom you ask, well I believe it is because they think they don’t need God. They think they got to where they are at on their own. Jesus pointed this state of mind out to Pontius Pilate when he said to Jesus, “don’t you know I have the power to save you from crucifixion” and Jesus answered him by saying, “you only have the power because God has given it to you”. So, you see this is the state of mind a lot of people in America are getting into. It is a society that does not know or love God. This is a dangerous place to be. This is where we Christians need to be helping the Church. Christians are going to have to get busy and start working to bring people closer to God and the Church. It’s a big job and a small percentage of Christian are willing to step up.

            Enter the New Americans. These Immigrants from Mexico are devout Christian followers of the Catholic faith. They were won over to Christ by Our Lady of Guadalupe about 500 years ago. The Virgin Mary created a Catholic nation devoted to Jesus Christ our God.

            The history and background of the ancestry of the new American’s is told in the movie “For Greater Glory”. Their Christian faith was challenged in 1926 thru 1929 during the Cristero War. The Mexican government was trying to get rid of the Catholic Church in that country. They outlawed Catholicism and began killing Priests. The Mexican people revolted, and a very strong war began. The war ended when the Mexican Government created the separation of Church and State. This allowed the Church to continue. What a true test of Christian devotion. Many priest and revolutionaries died during that war.

            This huge devotion is seen every Sunday in our Catholic church by the huge attendance of Mexican immigrants. Most all of those services are in Spanish but guess what all the children are growing up bi-lingual. I see an army being prepared for a duty to evangelize.

            We should all be known as the Devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize. The World needs us God’s America needs us! Psalms 46 verse 10 says “Be still and know that I am God”. That says it all. It took me a long time to hear God calling me, I guess I was just always too busy. I wish I would have just been still long enough to have heard him sooner. God loves us; we are his creation. He wants us to come to him because we want to. If we do, God our Father will share his Glory with us. He will do that because we are his children and he wants us to be with him in his kingdom forever. We gain this privilege when we join God’s army as members of his Kingdom. When you realize the truth, you will want to share the knowledge and that my friends are called Evangelizing.

Your Friend in Christ,

Joe M. Govea, a devout Catholic whose duty is to evangelize


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