“American Jesuit priest and Vatican consultant, Father James J. Martin, urged fellow Catholics and clergy against claiming that a vote for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is a “mortal sin”.

by Alfredo Sanchez


Martin, whom Pope Francis appointed as a Vatican communications consultant in 2017, warned other Catholic priests against intertwining secular politics and their faith in God. Posting to social media, Martin said he has overheard an increasing number of priests and U.S. Catholic leaders claiming that a vote for Biden—who is Catholic—amounts to one of the gravest offenses against God. Father Martin told Newsweek Thursday that he and fellow Catholics feel compelled to help on “any issues where life is endangered,” which he said should include caring for the poor, the homeless, and the LGBTQ community – not just abortion….”

Like any organization, the Catholic church has its share of nuts in leadership positions. It is not a mortal sin for a Catholic to be a Democrat.  That it is a sin to be a democrat, a lie told by ignorant people who put political party above truth, morality, and ethics.  It is NOT a mortal sin TO VOTE FOR Biden. Republicans and their think tanks have worked on the abortion issue for years.  Their main objective is to divide people and make abortion a litmus test for Christianity while gutting programs that assist expectant mothers, children, and families.  Republicans have contorted Roe vs. Wade.  Roe vs. Wade is not about abortion. It is about the Government not interfering in your personal life.   Abortion is a very personal issue that should be between God, family, preacher, and the person seeking an abortion.   The primary government role is in National defense, administration, and providing certain public goods and services. The Government has been involved in our personal lives in the past to the detriment of society. There was a time when the Government did not allow interracial marriage, which schools you could attend, what restaurants you could eat at, what schools minority kids could attend, that Blacks could not drink from water fountains designated for whites only etc., etc. The Government has no place in making the decision for any family when it comes to abortion or any health issue–that is why we have doctors.  Again, that decision should be between God, the woman, the woman’s partner, family, doctor, and preacher.  God gave us a brain he intended for us to use it not to depend on the Government to make our choices.   


American Life League

Pro-Life Generation

Republicans like to say that if you are Pro-choice, you are pro-abortion.  Pro-choice means getting the Government out of our personal lives.  Pro-choice individuals understand that abortions are reduced when alternatives for mothers and families are clearly defined and available.   Pro-Choice does not mean that a person is pro-abortion.  It means lave the government out of this decision. In Roe vs. Wade, the court decided the Government would have no say in abortions.  Yet, Republicans have worked at making it a government issue, when it is not.  If people are really concerned about abortions, people should get involved in legislating programs for all women and their children and stop punishing women when it takes two to tango. The Government is not the best manager of abortions.  

Pro-Choice does not mean that a person is pro-abortion.  It means lave the government out of this decision.

If we believe in a smaller and less intrusive government, as supposedly Republicans claim, the Government should have no say in abortions.   An abortion is an extremely complicated issue. It is not black and white. 

When we vote, we must consider the big picture and how candidates stand on many issues, not just one.   The big picture, when it comes to abortion, we must be concerned with the health of the mother, pre-and post-natal.  We must be concerned with the infant pre- and post-natal.  We must be concerned with clothing, feeding, and educating the child, not just concerned that the child be born.  We must be concerned with an economy that provides livable wages for parents and children as they mature.   We must provide programs like SS and Medicare for these children when they become seniors.    It requires that we be concerned for the whole person and not just a segment of a person’s life.   Being a GOOD Catholic means looking at the big picture. On this issue, Democrats are concerned with the whole person, not just a segment of a person’s life.  It is ludicrous to say that it is sinful to be a Democrat or to vote for Biden.  I will vote for Joe Biden and be a proud Democrat.  

Pro-life activists claim that Federal taxes are used for abortions.  The Hyde Amendment precludes federal funding being spent on abortions.  They also say that aborted tissue is used for medical research.   I cannot say if aborted tissue is used for medical research for such things as a vaccine, COVID-19.   The basic truth is that none of us question the research when we are sick and in need of some medication. I can assume that human tissue has been used in many of the prescribed drugs and over the table drugs people take every day, so let’s get off the holier than thou train if you take any medications.

Personally, voting for Trump appears to me much more like a mortal sin. Trump has no morals and integrity, much less Christian values.   I am not a one-issue-voter; therefore, I must not burden my soul with the guilt others are trying to impose on me.

Neither party wants to see abortions increase.  It is a lie that Republicans have fabricated, that Democrats are the party of abortions.  The difference is in the strategy each one is implementing to reduce abortions.  The Republican approach is to have the Government impose its will with no concern for anyone, no matter what. This takes away the individual right of decision making from the individual and gives it to the Government. The Democratic approach is to look at the person and try to understand their needs, both physical and mental, and provide the necessary social programs so this person has the opportunity to make the best choice for them, knowing that there are resources available to them and their child. 

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