First Happy Easter to all the Christian faithful and to others Happy (sorry don’t know label) what you celebrate this time of the year. For me, as a Catholic, it is a very important time of the year, starting with Lent. During Lent, people give up all kinds of things that they like, as a way of repentance, and fasting, for 40 days. This is meant as a time for self-denial and should lead us to not just think about our personal needs. 

  However, once it is over on Sunday, for many of its New Years Eve and Mardi Gras wrapped into one. If you give up sweets, now is the time to line up your favorites and have at it. This is also true for alcohol or whatever you gave up. Now some people don’t give up stuff instead. They volunteer for worthy causes or just simply help others in need. They may work on mending fences with people they may have had a falling out with. Unlike the have at it group after lent, hopefully these faithful don’t go back to saying “Now what that Sh8** you said last year. Right after Easter. And honestly, not all that gave up stuff start gorging on Easter. I was just kidding about that.

   I will say that most churches are full on Easter Sunday with what I call Chriseasters (not a real word). Folks that just come out on Christmas and Easter. At this point you may be thinking I am a judgmental SOB, Pero the opposite is true. There is no way I can judge others about their Lent habits, cause I’m sure I have also been all the above. The only difference now is I am more conscious of my faults, may be because of my age. As in the time to face my maker, may be closer now than 20 years ago. Either way, Easter is about gaining forgiveness through the grace of God, not because of what we did or didn’t do. This because he loves us all and expects us to love each other and be his voice on earth through our actions. Anyway, that’s what I think, not a perfect a Catholic. 

   SB4 law is on one day on and off another, so much that if you follow to close, it will make your head spin. Assuming you are familiar with the law that will allow Law Officers to arrest and deport anyone that is undocumented. And while I know no country can survive with open borders, SB4 is not the answer. In addition, it will lead to even more racial profiling than we have now. And believe me, it is bad enough already. Plus, most law enforcement officers oppose SB4 because they are already understaffed and overworked. I pray we find a humane and workable solution to this issue that some want to keep around so they can unite against “The other.” 

   Last, if you ever played golf with a group of folks, you may have experienced a “What”! moment when someone in your group announced their score. Now, depending on how well you know him or her, you might call them out. Or you may have seen a ball go into the rough that no one ever survives except that guy. Somehow, they find their ball and in the best possible spot and it is sitting on what looks strangely like a tee. “You know what I’m saying”? 

  Well, someone that we all know, unfortunately for many of us, a former POTUS. I will let you guess who that is, he has done all the above. This according to a published report by Rick Reilly, a sportswriter and someone that has played with number 45. I was drawn to the article because a few days ago; I heard that he announced he had won his clubs’ Championship tournaments, both the open and senior flights. That made me think just for a minute, “Wow, maybe he is a better golfer than  POTUS.” 

   Pero then, I told myself, wait a minute, consider the source here. Then I read the article by Mr. Reilly that detailed some of the cheating stuff above and more. Like the only competing in tournaments on courses he owns. And when he first buys the course, he plays a round by himself so he can call himself the course Champion. There was also more stuff, but the one that made me chuckle was that he had a souped-up golf cart so he can get to his ball quicker. This way, his ball would always be safely on the fairway and, if need be, kick his opponent’s ball into trouble. 

   All this to me is kinda funny and sad at the same time. Sad when I think that this less than honest golfer was once our president and worse in the running to be again. Well, that’s what I think, what say you?

By A.Govea

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