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Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion in the Uvalde tragedy

-Mary Dominguez-Santini


People quickly start pointing fingers and turning tragedies like Uvalde into a political agenda. This tragedy could have been prevented if the Chief of Police Arredondo had called the shots instead of se sentó en sus laureles a “Pensar” that cost 21 innocent victims their lives. This is unacceptable. He should be removed immediately and not allowed to be sworn either to the city council. That’s a slap on the face to all victims’ families.

Gun control? Absolutely yes! But we need to remember that guns don’t shoot themselves. The government has to toughen up on who can purchase a weapon, especially those assault rifles. Extensive background checks should be implemented alongside a 30 to 60 waiting period and psychological evaluation, whatever it takes to avoid these criminals getting their hands on guns.

Mental Awareness plays a role. No individual in their right mind would commit such a horrible crime. The federal government should fund non-profit organizations servicing mental Awareness and Suicide prevention instead of giving the money to the cities because the non-profits do the work and don’t get the funding. We all know the active role our non-profits play when it comes to workshops, resources, and information.


Political parties start to stop blaming each other they need to do their job and come up with a reasonable solution to prevent another tragedy from striking our communities. STOP promoting HATE on ethnicity and political parties, and get to work for the people!

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