The answer to that is based on how many of them have pictures of them at the border, all of them. I know that every republication running for office has the border issue in their playbook. Is it a big problem? Yes, it is, but it seems to me that most Republicans thank their lucky stars they have it for their grandstanding commercials.

Florida Border

You don’t even need a southern border in your state; the Florida governor and failed presidential candidate joined in the fun as other governors volunteered to send their state National Guard troops to Texas. It has been referenced as a war or an invasion. According to recent polls, this has catapulted immigration to a number 1 issue in the National elections. So, the mission was accomplished by all the so-called Patriots of the ILK.

The only problem is that the real problem is still here. The truth is that history shows Republicans are primarily responsible for the problem. Long story short, in 1996, when the Republicans took back control of Congress, they discovered they could use the immigration problem as a winning issue. They pushed for an expedited removal system to remove asylum seekers quickly. Then, President Bill Clinton was forced to sign off on the bill or face a government shutdown. Sound familiar?

It appears we are facing the same thing now, and another democratic president has agreed to much of what the Republicans want. Pero, (but) even though they essentially pushed it, they now say, “No, wait a minute”. That is because they now have Newt Gingrich; he was around back then. Which is, of course, Trump, even though he keeps saying the border issue is terrible and blames President Biden. He does not want anything done now because he needs that issue to remain so he can run on it.

Behind closed doors, many Republican lawmakers are willing to get something done now. However, if they disobey their orange leader, they will face his wrath on social media, and he will actively work to replace them with loyalists, or some may say lapdogs. All this leads me to say something I never thought I would say: “I miss Newt Gingrich.”

I hope if you read this, you don’t think I am for open borders, as many that question Republicans on this issue are labeled. That never works for anybody, just ask Mexico about Texas. No, I am not for open borders, Pero, I want something done that still leaves intact our image of being the land of freedom and compassion for others. And if you take the orange guy out of the equation, I think it can get done. As for this issue being a winning issue for Republicans, not to worry they can bring back the English only movement. Or something else that I am sure will work with enough of their folks to run on. Anyway, that’s what I think, what say you?

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