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Let me count the ways or reasons.

Jerry Jones, he thinks he knows it all and is the biggest reason I/We may never see another Super Bowl.


Stephan Jones, he is the heir apparent, and he has learned the G.M. job from the worst source.

Charlotte Jones, the Thanksgiving games have become a half time show, rather than a game.

 Zeke in the Kettle is just another stupid reason to hate Turkey Day Game.

Jerry Jones always telling us how this could be the year or crying about something or another

Cowboy prime time games specially to start the season on Sunday night. And especially against the Bucs, get ready for another prime-time embarrassing loss opening day.

All Dallas pre-season games, especially the shot yourself in the foot embarrassing loss in Denver. I have family in that part of Colorado, and most are Cowboy fans, I especially feel bad for them.

I hate that we were not able to get a Super Bowl for Tony Romo or Jason Whitten

Finally, I hate that the Cowboys of the past that knew how to win has now become as elusive as Big Foot, a few claims to have seen him but no real proof.  

In closing I want to say I want to stop caring, I remember reading and article by Larry David (Curb/Seinfeld) In his article he said that he had giving up playing golf after many years of a love hate relationship with it. He said that once he decided to do that, he felt so liberated he found himself skipping at times.  I recently dreamed I missed the whole season, and you know what I was okay with it. I am seriously thinking of trying that this season. Call me if they (ever) get back to the second round of the playoffs. All that said maybe I’ll’ take a peek of the first game just for the heck of it?

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