Will the conservatives do what Johnny Reb could not?  We all learn of the American Civil War in school.  We learn of the death and destruction caused by the war. 

Felix Alvarado




We learn who lost the war.  The loss caused considerable bitterness in the losing states of the confederacy.  Some confederates were so bitter that they moved to Latin American countries.  Where they still live today.  Many brought the anger and hate to Texas.  In my younger days, when I went to school, the Civil War was called, The War Between the States, the losing confederacy too proud to call it what it was, a Civil War.  There are many opinions as to the cause of the Civil War. This is not one of them. 


Trump’s attack on the constitution goes back to the original creation of the union.  Before the United States was born there existed thirteen colonies, each independent with its own government pledging allegiance to the king.  There was no centralized government. The Articles of Confederation was the first attempt to unite the colonies. The central government had little power.  The arrangement did not work.  The failure of the first attempt led to the creation of a constitutional convention to explore ways in which a central government could be created that met with the approval of all thirteen colonies.  To appease all the colonies, “states” were created.  A state is an independent body that makes its own laws. Each state is the equivalent of a county or the colony that it replaced. It took three years for all the colonies to ratify the new constitution that we have today.  


The constitution covers the way the president is elected culminating in the electoral college. The candidate that wins the electoral votes gets to be president.  Each state has as many electoral votes as it has US Representatives.  Each state certifies the results of an election and sends the results to the electoral college.  The certification should be sacred.


The sanctity of the election means nothing to Trump. Although the results of the election have been certified by each state Trump is trying to invalidate the results any way he can.  He has gone to the courts countless times, each time with the same result, “Request Denied.”  Trump’s airtime presence has been visibly increased since the election.  If you have not heard Trump’s incessant whining and lying, something he is really good at, it is probably because you have stuffed your ears with cotton. America had an election. America chose as its leader Joe Biden. Trump cannot grasp the reality that the American people fired him. For Trump that is a bitter pill to swallow. It is so bitter that he is willing to destroy the fabric that holds the nation together.


The constitution is what binds the states together.  To overturn the results of the election would be destroying the fabric.  Destroying the constitution means we would no longer have a union. The states would be independent.  


In historical terms, this would be called a pyrrhic victory.

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