As a publisher of a Latino theme publication, I hear lots of stories from different folks—couple that with being president of a local Hispanic advocacy organization. Well, double that, at least. And honestly, I have learned through experience that “Just because someone says it” doesn’t necessarily make it true. In other words, as the last Bush to serve as the president said and pretty much mangled, “Fool me once,,” Well you know the rest.

This seems very legit, Pero (but) still hard to believe. So here goes, there is a certain Mobile Home Park in North Fort Worth that has its’ residents, Muy MAD! At this point, I will not name yet as I am still trying to give them a little more time to respond to ALL the resident complaints. Which, as already stated hard to believe.

I will list the ones I can recall now cause they came in rapid fire; they are as follows; Endless fees for Late charges, which were hard to pay because no one was ever available to take payment in person or online; no help with maintenance issues, If a cat wanders into your yard automatic fine for owning a cat, (I visited park and they are a lot of stray cats around), Wrong size trash bags and failure of them to pick up trash on schedule which is a service residents pay for, Vehicles illegally towed away, Homes taken illegally, Management asking for personal bank passwords.

There is more, but I think you’ve heard enough to know something here is very wrong. And I won’t even get into racist residents harassing the non-white residents with Management turning a blind eye. This is a whole other story which I may need to cover next time. At this point, you might be thinking this sounds terrible and hard to believe. And I would tend to agree with you if I had only heard this story from one or even two people. I might still be hard-pressed to believe it.

I was invited to a meeting by Lee Saldivar, president of LULAC Council 4743, to meet with some Mobile Park residents about two months ago. Where at least half a dozen or more residents told me the story I just shared with you, so again, if one person or two tell you a story, you might be okay, but when it is half a dozen or more makes you recall another saying, “Where there is smoke, there is fire.”

Mr. Saldivar has been actively seeking a solution to their complaints, but this has yet to be forthcoming. The next step will be to take legal action to attempt to remedy what appears to anyone’s precipitation to be highly illegal, civilly if not criminally. We will continue to follow this story and will share updates with you. In addition, if you (The Reader) have any suggestions to help these people correct this injustice, please contact me through my email or website.

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