Like most Americans who were keeping up with the trial- the verdict did not surprise me. Especially since it was clear that the Judge (Bruce Schroeder) in the case was clearly putting his thumb on the side of the defendant.

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It was clear the side he was on when he would not allow the people who were killed to be called victims. Instead, they had to be referred to as looters or rioters. In addition, he threw out the misdemeanor weapons charge early on.  

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 Further, he was always ready to yell at the prosecution for anything he saw as a possible violation or just annoyed him. The demeanor of the Judge sent clear signals to the jury what he thought of this case. Now of course most would argue the verdict is still in the hands of the jury picked by both the prosecution and the defense. But this time, the defendant picked the jury by pulling names out of a hat. Is that illegal? No, it is not. But it is weird and not common practice.  

  So of course, if you are not a lawyer or have any legal training you must at least assume the Judge knows best. Now, is that right? No but it is a fact. Add the fact that the defendant was young and white. In fact, as someone that has spent time in Juvenile court as a family advocate, I at times have seen this in person. The difference in treatment of minority defendants as compared to White defendants is sometimes obvious. Plus, I’m sure Rittenhouse’s emotional outburst with crocodile tears had some effect.  

   So, the belief that Justice is blind may not quite be true – is it? Some maybe be thinking to themselves, “Well what can you do?”

 Sadly, the families of the VICTIMS (Joseph Rosenbaum 36, Anthony Huber 26) have lost a son a husband a brother and uncle. Think about their Thanksgiving table, their Christmas and just not for this year but forever. Clearly there is more work that we must all do to ensure that we adhere to the words in the constitution that reads, “All men are created equal.” And for that to happen we must exercise our right to vote. To ensure that those we entrust with our legal system adhere to the belief that, “Justice is blind.” And if we don’t – this will continue and next it could hit closer to home. By now you heard he (Rittenhouse) has been made into a hero by the wacky right. Trump had him visit Mara Largo, he has been offered an internship by some Congressmen and Senators. And worse a congressional medal of honor/valor has also been brought up. So, if you don’t’ believe that people like hm deserve hero status, Get Out and Vote!

I finished this article as Ahmad Arbery’s verdict came in. Thank God all three defendants were found guilty, so there is still hope.

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